Eco Science Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:ESSI) may be going downhill for the entire 2016, but its Fitrix launch did make some noise in the market. With the inclination of people towards fitness products and dietary regimes, the launch of Fitrix was something to look forward to. The company claimed to diversify and expand its portfolio through the eco-technology solutions in this highly demanding wellness industry.

What is Fitrix?

The wellness and fitness industry is something that can be truly called a billion dollar one. It is ever expanding and the inclination of people towards their health is giving rise to such products. Fitrix can be said another addition to this industry. The company claims that their new product in the market is aimed at helping customers keep count on their health. The new product helps customers to measure the goals established by them. Fitrix assists people in keeping record of their exercise and medication schedules.

This is a brimming industry and whether or not, the company’s latest product will fly like or disc is something to look forward to. As of now, what is learnt is that everything they do just boomerangs.

Vouching and riding on new products

Eco Science Solutions Inc’s CEO, Jeffery Taylor believes that health conscious people can get their company valuable returns through Fitrix. He states that there is a need of such technologies, which assist the health-centric people. Weight management is the need of the hour and through Fitrix, the company claims that it may do well.

Even though it believes to be leveraging on an industry that has higher demand for such products, but there is also a need for such products that are completely out of box, yet easy to use. So, is Fitrix easy for the customers? The revenue figures and the product’s contribution would best tell us that in the times to come this year.