Marijuana Company Of America Inc (OTCMKTS:MCOA) recently announced that it has started shipping its new product called hempSMART BRAIN product. The company stated that the new product, which has undergone a whole lot process of R&D, business planning and much more, has also started giving the returns.

Company planning to expand across America

The CEO of company, Donald Steinberg believes that Marijuana Company Of America Inc is at a favourable position right now, from where it can head off to a lucrative direction. American marijuana market is a hot trend at present, with legalization being talked about across different states. The company, meanwhile, is constantly expanding its reach to the different markets. MCOA has also started off with the U.S. based affiliate program.

The aim is to make use of company’s wide network in expanding the new product in not just America, but also other nations. The aim of MCOA is to reach more than 50 countries with 100,000 members affiliate base. The new product, hempSMART brand will be expanded across different nations through this network.

Company’s dream comes true

The marketing director of the company feels that the new product roll out is vital to company’s future since it has been planned and researched since long. Tim Altvater, the marketing director said that the new products of highest standards are important for appeal and growth of industry. He stated that MCOA finished 2016 on a stronger note.

Riding the Cannabidiol wave

It must be noted here that hempSMART Brain is the first product from this company that is based with Cannabidiol or CBD as the main ingredient. There has been an increasing demand of neutraceutical products in the U.S. market; especially for enhancing or assisting brain activities. The company says that its new product is exactly what the consumers need right now, i.e., a product that can assist in brain functions.