Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:MRNS) recently demonstrated a pre-clinical data to substantiate its study for curtailing pilocarpine-induced seizures among Animal Model of Status Epilepticus. The company, in its latest press release, stated that when diazepam administered intravenously (IV) was combined with CNS-selective GABAA modulator ganaxolone, it created a synergistic effect to block seizures among SE benzodiazepine refractory models.

Will it be an effective treatment for status epilepticus?

The company claims to be developing its ganaxolone IV treatment for status epilepticus. This is a fatal disease that is linked with high mortality and almost no treatment options. Company released this data at the Neuroscience 2016 last year in November at San Diego, CA.

During the data presentation, company highlighted that 15 minutes after status epilepticus is kicked off, a combination of ganaxolone and diazepam sub-therapeutic doses, has a capability of producing partial or 100% blockage for the disease among SE based rat models. The company also explained that on measuring the results of these drugs in singular form or in combination, the results were identical. This means that none of the two drugs can cause pharmacokinetic disposition on other.

Meanwhile, the pre-clinical data presented by company also suggested that anti-epileptic activity synergistic enhancement took place at the GABAA receptor level.

Albena Patroneva, the chief medical officer of company, stated that ganaxolone and diazepam combo could be a potentially effective treatment for status epilepticus. In this disease, Mr. Albena Patroneva suggested, over 30% patients become benzodiazepines-resistant.

Ganaxolone IV as a standalone or combo treatment for status epilepticus

The study suggests that ganaxolone IV can be used as standalone treatment or a combo treatment with Diazepam in order to block status epilepticus. This can be an effective way to put rapid onset of seizures to rest.

The company is geared up to kick off the Phase 2 clinical trial of the treatment among patients suffering from SE. It should be noted here that ganaxolone IV has been given assigned an Orphan Drug Designation for treating SE.