Pura Naturals Inc (OTCMKTS:PNAT) recently announced changes to its leadership positions, with major appointment being that of the President. Derek Duhame shall serve as the company’s new President, while assisting Robert Doherty, CEO to bring positive changes to the company. The company also appointed Jeff Silver as the new Vice President Commercial/Marine Sales for Pura Marine.

About the executives hired at strategic positions

Mr. Duhame, who shall be serving as the new President of company, is now responsible for accelerating the growth of Pura Naturals products. He has been given the responsibility of increasing market share, sales productivity, as well as profitability for Pura Naturals. He is known for marketing campaigns, which are top-notch and precise, as well as working or leading the cross-functional teams.

Meanwhile, Mr. Silver, the new Vice President of company’s Commercial/Marine Sales worked, in the past, at manufacturing and sales departments. He has specialization with marine fam products, which will assist the company in its further growth.

Pura Naturals exploring its digital presence

Understanding the importance of digital space, the company is also working in this direction. Pura Naturals also decided to align episode49, a search engine optimization, creative web design and digital marketing firm, along with Impact Strategic Marketing InsightsLLC to create its digital presence. The focus shall be to enhance company’s reach to customers through the digital space. The company aims at putting the two firms together for seek expansion of e-commerce activities.

This would be vital for the company as it looks to shift gears and transition towards growth and expansion. With new products, seeking digital opportunities and launching new products, along with starting collaboration with Target stores in the U.S., this year seems to be engaging.