Earth Science Tech Inc (OTCMKTS:ETST) an innovative biotech company focused on cannabis-industrial hemp, CBD R&D, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, has successfully formulated and intends to release a new High Grade Hemp Cannabidiol Oil formulated for domestic pets, which will give it a solid footing in the $60 billion pet industry.

The buzz

Across the globe, CBD-based animal products are witnessing increased demand. Trial studies have revealed that CBD oils help reduce inflammation, chronic pain and anxiety, while supporting the immune system in domestic animals. Results have shown rapid results in alleviating and aiding pets in the previously reported illnesses, which is one of the simple reasons pet holders are eager in gaining scientifically proven CBD wellness offerings from trustworthy and reputable firms.

Currently, Earth Science is in the process of packaging and bottling its newly anticipated and developed Nutraceutical Scientific pet CBD oil formulation, which launch date is predicted late in the first quarter of FY2017. The company is maximizing its profitability by getting a competitive advantage in a buzzing market by creating and advancing a product that is in high demand, and has the potential to revolutionize the ever expanding market of pet industry.

As further R&D on the advantages of this new product is planned and a myriad of additional advantages are discovered, there remains no doubt that this market offers an opportunity to enrich and enhance the lives of pets and also their owners, provided the fact that there exist 74-96 million cats and 70-80 million dogs owned in the U.S. alone as per the ASPCA.

Earth Science management is excited to have the opportunity to get their foot in the door in this immense market and bring a helpful and innovative science based offering to pet owners. Chief Sales Officer Mr. Gabriel Aviles said that since they don’t currently have domestic animal products in the market, they don’t need to be concerned about any sales cannibalization, only sheer growth.