Eyegate Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:EYEG) and Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc (NYSE:VRX) have entered into a worldwide licensing deal through which EyeGate has provided a subsidiary of Valeant worldwide manufacturing and commercial rights to the EGP-437 combination product and EyeGate® II Delivery System for the cure of post-operative inflammation and pain in ocular surgery patients.

This association follows a 2015 deal in which Valeant obtained an exclusive global license for its subsidiary firm to this product for uveitis. The company has maintained its right of that negotiation to license the offering for other indications.

The expert view

Stephen From, the President and CEO of EyeGate, reported that this second licensing deal with Valeant offers a vital validation of both the commercial and clinical potential of iontophoretic EGP-437. They consider that Bausch + Lomb’s sales, commercial and marketing capabilities in ophthalmology are unparalleled, making them the best partner to bring this exclusive product to market.

For the cataract surgery patients in the United States each year, sticking to the post-operative therapeutic plan is vital. As many of these people are older and may find self-administration of corticosteroid eye drops tough, they consider that iontophoretic EGP-437 given by the eye care practitioner will offer a promising new treatment in meeting the needs of this large cataract surgery patients’ population.

Joseph C. Papa, the CEO and Chairman of Valeant, reported that they are delighted to extend their relationship with EyeGate, and to get the global manufacturing and commercial rights to the EyeGate II Delivery System for the post-operative pain and inflammation in ocular surgery patients.

They consider that the product has substantial potential in the industry as part of Bausch + Lomb business and congratulate EyeGate for an amazing job in progressing the product’s development in both cataract surgery and uveitis. Valeant Pharmaceuticals look forward to further assisting EyeGate as they progress in bringing this offering to market to fulfill the needs of customers.