Southern Home Medical, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SHOM) a major developer in the Healthcare market, has achieved 11 “AAA” Cooperative hospitals in the deal signing with Medical Treasure under mutually beneficial partnership.

As a part of the teamwork and agreement signing with Medical Treasure, the company has received 11 “AAA” cooperative hospitals. This will extend prospects for company and allow it to expand its technologies and services into broader markets. It is a development in executing the services the company has to offer into the market and placed its foot down in the industry.

George Chang, the Chief Executive Officer of Southern Home Medical, reported that they are thrilled to report this deal as it showcases a more focused plan within the healthcare market for company. They are thrilled about the prospects ahead as the firm extends its reach into the international healthcare markets.

The buzz

Earlier in February, Southern Home reported a deal signing with Medical Treasure as a deal to further innovate the market.

This deal will bring new things for both entities. Medical Treasure has a robust platform of doctors and patients, where doctors and clinics collaborate with patients on a health management network. Medical Treasure also has on-site treatment services, exclusive health subscription offerings and home care nursing facilities for patients. They have built a subject base of 400,000 to register for their service.

For third party enterprises, the digital offerings provided by Medical Treasure include precision marketing offerings comprising medicines, health products, health check, equipment, food and medical equipment.

George Chang, the Chief Executive Officer of Southern Home, commented that this collaboration will further be helpful for both parties as it will expand and increase the technologies and patient members. It’s expected that company, with this agreement, will grow economically from this association.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Southern Home jumped more than 63% to close the session at $0.0018.