When it comes to the cannabis market, there are huge names to mention here, but Mountain High Acquisitions Corp (OTCMKTS:MYHI) seems like a dot in the space. Yet, when we look at the cannabis stocks of late, we find that this company has mysteriously been climbing the charts. There are some factors that might possibly be the cause of this explosion, and which we haven’t learnt about yet.

Plausible reason leading to the climbing stock of Mountain High Acquisitions Corp

We can very well attribute the success of this company’s stock of late, to an aggressive investor at the back end, or may be some investor awareness campaign, which we have missed out completely. Possibly there is a subsidiary of this company that is running its own IPO right now, and which is leading to the bustling charts of Mountain High Acquisitions Corp.

No matter what the possible reasons are, there is one thing we cannot dismiss for sure, and it is the hotness of cannabis space. This stock may be tiny float, but when we look at its graph, we observe as much as 550% tacked of the share price in the month of December 2016- January 2016.

Why pay attention to Mountain High Acquisitions Corp stock?

The unexplained volatility and upward trend of this stock is surely something to talk about. If you are an investor looking for a red hot cannabis stock, you may very well also consider Mountain High Acquisitions Corp.

There are many hearsay and speculations about this stock and this would possibly continue as long as there is something indicative. While there isn’t any management comment as well, we are just assuming that a few people are charging into company’s stock to make it a ferocious one, perhaps. No matter what, we have only learnt that the momentum in cannabis market is set and the company is doing some real juggling with stocks right now.