Viaderma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM) a specialty pharmaceutical firm devoted to getting new products to market, reported about their first order from their manufacturer for a launch of its FDA approved drug, named Viabecline topical antibiotic.

The details

Viaderma reported that they anticipate sales for FY2017 to be around 500,000 units and has closed financing to manufacture the orders. The launch in California is anticipated to start with almost 10,000 units being supplied online via a web network of partners. They anticipate products to sell for around $125 per 5ml bottle on retail outlets, while a wholesale price will be fixed for the Clinics and Wound Care Centers.

Dr. Christopher Otiko, the CEO, reported that they consider these orders will allow them a significant jump in revenues for 2017. The company has recorded clinical success in a short time frame. Otiko said that they are thrilled to witness their research being well received in many countries. This paves the way for many new offering using FDA approved medications along with their proprietary transdermal delivery system.

ViaDerma has closed an initial clinical trial of their proprietary drug for onychomycosis (toenail fungus), and the data was extremely encouraging with a success rate of approximate 80%. Onychomycosis affects almost 5% of the global population. One of the popular drugs on the market has a success rate of 17% and can cost almost $500 per 4ml bottle.

The people in the U.S. currently spend almost $1.26 billion yearly on topical and oral prescriptions for nail fungus, as per IMS Health, a leading health care information firm. Industry experts and executives anticipate that more effective therapies could expand the industry to as much as $3 billion yearly.

ViaDerma is in the clinical testing phases of an anti-aging topical offering, a topical pain drug, a topical for male-pattern hair loss, and a topical intended to boost male libido.