Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ:AMD)’s first batch of the Ryzen PC CPUs that were unveiled on March 2 received mixed reviews. The Ryzen 7 series comprises of top-notch chips which are expected to pose great competition to the best offers by Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC).The offers by Intel are known to showcase impressive performance in applications and are above all able to utilize the eight cores in carrying out the various operations.

In terms of price, more so putting into close consideration Intel’s 6-10 core Broadwell-E chips, which as a matter of fact are quite expensive; Ryzen 7 pulls in as an attractive choice for professional applications and for work station.

However, it is important to bring to the limelight the fact that Ryzen 7 lately fell short in applications in an instance when the single-threaded performance mattered in a great fashion.

Basically, the AMD’s new chips have made quite a record in terms of performance which is for sure a great leap which has been witnessed by people around the globe in the previous generation.

AMD will grasp yet another chance to impress its Gamers in the moth of April. The plans underway will see to it that the company launches the four mainstream Ryzen 5 CPUs and the pricing is expected to be put in such a way that it will be able to compete favorably with Intel’s own mainstream offerings. Essentially, Ryzen 7 was built with the aim of turning heads with its high end multicore performance. On the other hand, Ryzen 5 is may end up showcasing more disruptive attributes.

Independent third-party reviews will trickle in a short while, but one would be excused to say that Ryzen 5 will wipe the floor and that will be by some comparably priced intel chips. At the moment, the company is looking forward to take a glimpse of just how much the new chips perform against the products by Intel. Hopefully, mainstream PC CPU market may soon be experiencing a major shift simply by the look at the recent plans and developments.