AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and Business Machines Corporation (NYSE:IBM) launched a new method for companies to acquire more value from their data in a less complicated way.

The aim of the collaboration

The companies will have to adopt AT&T IoT methods and the IBM cloud. The pilot alliance between the two companies and the new AT&T IoT analytics abilities is directed at helping the AT&T customers convert their industrial IoT data into analytic insights which enable them to act immediately towards improving the business operations.

Demand for meaningful data insights

The demand for real time services and operations data is triggering explosion of IoT among the business customers. The main aim of business customers is not limited to merely collecting data from the linked assets, rather it is to acquire meaningful information from it and process near real time decisions.

The new service will enable the companies to utilize their own produced IoT data to enhance their prediction of optimization and maintenance of the machines. For instance, an oil and gas firm will be able to detect anomalous occurrences in its wells.

By incorporating the AT&T IoT network and the IBM Watson Data services, AT&T IoT analytics solutions will be able gather data from hundreds of wells, and design the models required with the right machine learning libraries as well as use of open source technology which aid in predicting potential machine malfunctions and failures.

Comments from the company representatives

Chris Penrose the president of IoT Solutions at AT&T stated that the company has over 30 million linked devices on its network and the number is growing by the day. Businesses are in need of actionable information from their linked devices which enhance their processes and get rid of guess work from the decision making process.

Resources synergy

The tremendous growth in IoT demand has triggered the requirement for more services and tools that will bring out the value of data generated by the IoT. IBM is collaborating with AT&T to form resources synergy through a combination of expertise and strengths which will enhance the AT&T business clients make use of their complex data and deliver information which will help them speed up the transformation process.