CNH Global NV (NYSE:CNH) is already set to direct about more than $175,000 to Habitat for Humanity. The associated exhibit will be at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017. Habitat for Humanity happens to be one of the top non profits operating in the United States. Asides from working for more than 1,400 communities in then U.S, the non profit organization at the same time serves about 70 more countries worldwide.

The organization looks forward to making good use of the materials on some home building projects in the U.S. This wake comes with the partnering between CASE and Steelhead Productions in a move that will see them deploy a booth structure which as a matter of fact will be re-used by a number of vendors in the putting up of a number of events in the future.

CASE Construction Equipment has over the years taken the matter about sustainability quite seriously. Currently, there are a lot of companies that are carrying our destructive activities that end up depleting important aspects of nature. That is a bad move since it will affect the generations to come. This company thinks and believes in tomorrow’s generations and that is why it has always fought to ensure that an ecological balance is upheld in all of its operations.

The other thing the company believes in is about the idea of giving back to the community. All of us come from communities and no one needs to downplay the numerous roles communities have played towards making us who we are at the moment. Communities have taken care of us, given us a proper education among many other things and thus there is the natural urge to give back to the same community. That is why the company will always try its level best to give back to the community even through the numerous donations it avails through the non-profit organizations.

The director of Restore Donor Relations, Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas, Veronica Martinez, in making her address couldn’t hide her great joy and excitement over the donation terming it a selfless move by the company and something that needs to be upheld globally. This comes as a challenge to a lot of companies and people of good will!