Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) has today happily announced its bringing onboard Joey Levin. The top executive earlie©©r on served as the CEO at IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ:IAC) and is expected to start his new roles immediately. Eric Lefkofsky who happens to be Groupon’s Chairman was excited to welcome Joey Levin to the company.

Lefkofsky highly appreciated the deep background in the digital space that the incoming official was pulling along into its operations. He is believes it will go a long way towards revamping the company’s operations and looks forward to a better Groupon Inc with more competitive stocks.

The top secret to thriving in terms of business especially during this times when business dynamics are shifting each and every day is by developing a customer-focused business. A lot of the successful businesses have tried this approach and it goes without saying that it has helped them make tremendous steps towards financial empowerment and business expansion as well.

Levin is a 37-year old but his small age hasn’t robbed him of experience. That is quite evident just by the mere look at his 14-year career at IAC/InterActiveCorp., OkCupid and Investomedia all fall under the media internet provider. This top official has been overseeing much in this company and that in one way or the other has played a big part towards making them the popular brands they have become today.

One thing that is for sure is the fact that Groupon is has been a great game-changer especially in terms of positively influencing the way consumers across the board discover and transact with local merchants. While speaking, Levin expressed his excitement inn joining the company.

He said it was a great opportunity for him and that he looked forward to working with an engaged and talented board. Levin thinks of the working together as a positive and working strategy that will see the company move to the pinnacle in terms of attaining high levels of success.

Joey will contribute immensely towards establishing a strong perspective in the consumer technology and his strategic marketing experience will put the company in the list of the world’ market leaders.