Wipro Limited (ADR) (NYSE:WIT), a top-notch global company specialized in information  technology, business processes and consultation has today made it public that it has receive a kind of recognition it has always anticipated for over the years.

It revealed that it had indeed received recognition as the Best in Class Technology Providers 2017. Wipro took the day in the categories of TPM (Wipro Promax Analytics Solutions), Outsourcing/IT Integration, and Consultation.

The management was happy about the company’s good performance. It was a source of great joy for Srini Pallia, President, Consumer Business Unit for Wipro Ltd that the company had found a place in the top rankings in the established categories.

He added to say that the company was receiving this sort of honor now for the seventh time and that in one way or the other showcased the company’s commitment and dedication towards boosting the consumer goods market.

Peter Breen, who happens to be the editor-in-chief of Consumer Goods Technology happily stated the annual Readers’ Choice rankings have become quite instrument in terms of showcasing who is who in the industry in terms of quality delivery.

The high end companies usually have a number of customers who are always willing to dedicate some time to endorse them via ballots and that is a great show of the fact that they satisfy the customers through offering high quality services.

Any great business as a matter of fact recognizes how much it means to give a lift to operational efficiency as well as improving consumer experience. Wipro Limited has always done all within its means to bring about great transformations in its service delivery as well as production of goods.

As a company, it advocates for strategies and policies that will help its clients do business much better. The solutions it has served customers with over the years have been working and it hopes to do even much more.

By combining customer centric design, digital strategy, and product engineering approach and advanced analytics, the company is able to succeed at assisting its clients establish adaptive and as well as successful businesses.