It was during this year’s Open Computer Project U.S. Summit that Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) made the announcement regarding its new collaboration with the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT).The two leading companies are coming in a joint move where they seek to incorporate cloud based features of AMD’s top-notch “Naples” processor with the Project Olympus which belongs to Microsoft.

Microsoft made quite a great impact on Project Olympus design. AMD on the other hand was a major contributor in the designing process. It was able to successfully foster some deep sort of collaboration around the strategic integration of “Naples” processor. The scalability, performance as well as the efficiency at the centre of Project Olympus and AMD’s “Naples” processor is an interesting one.

These attributes are a showcase of an updated cloud hardware design and that has the ability to make adaptations, and thus it is able to meet up to the various application demands associated with the global data center customers.

The corporate vice president of enterprise systems, Scott Aylor, made a statement revealing that the coming quarter AMD may be the one to revamp Innovation. The Company’s best performing “Naples” x86 CPU was engineered with the various needs of cloud customers and providers in mind.

He also went ahead to show his excitement over the latest move which had them participate in the collaboration to offer support to the Open Compute Project. The recent Microsoft Project Olympus is a progressive move that will see to it that both collaborators make tremendous steps forward in terms of financial gain.

The general manager, who is at the same time a distinguished engineer for the Azure Cloud Hardware Infrastructure has been quite vocal lately. He has been working with Microsoft Corp for quite a long period of time and according to him, the new collaboration will play a central role towards helping drive rapid innovation. Asides from this, it will also serve as a game changer towards pushing for a vibrant ecosystem for the Project Olympus of Microsoft Corp.