On March 14, 2017, Turner Venture Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TVOG) made an announcement regarding its entry into an agreement targeting the acquisition f assets from an international bitumen shipping company. The international company over the years had generated high profits with the transportation and sale of bitumen/asphalt products globally which are important in the paving of highways and roads.

Turner was looking forward to operating the new assets more efficiently and at the same time accomplishing much more. The company observed the matter of acquiring the assets at attractive valuations as an important one since that was pivotal towards gaining more competitive advantage.

The leading company is at the moment spearheading talks with prospective executives as well as board members whom it intends to win over to work for it wit the goal of getting them to join it to help with running the operations associated with the newly acquired subsidiary.
The CEO of Turner Venture Group, Inc, Steve Helm had a number of remarks to make when it was his turn to speak.

He brought it to the lime light that the World asphalt supply and demand was expected to showcase a positive spike in a short while. He looks forward to the company building value for its shareholders and thinks this is very much possible especially looking at the anticipated rise and expansion of the asphalt trade globally.

He saw it as a good thing for the company that the U.S had in its plans the motive to build new highways and bridges across the country. This new initiative by the government is seen by the company as an attractive venture for the company considering that the government this time around requires about 63% more Asphalt in comparison to what it was using recently.

An increased demand for Asphalt in the coming 2-4 years will see the company ready a wide range of benefits as well as make more profits. The company’s shareholders look forward to a brighter future! The company is not about to stop in its expansion plans and is even looking into the acquisition of more bitumen tanker supply vessels.