Alex Roetter has been serving as one of the top executives for Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is no longer rendering his services to the company anymore after he left it last year. He is assumed to have left the company in for what has commonly come to be known as “the never ending talent exodus”

While away, not quite much has been moving around about him, but lately there has been quite a stir as he was confirmed to be collaborating with Larry Page in coming up with flying cars. Kitty Hawk happens to be a secretive startup which has Larry Page at the centre of its operations. This is the new work place for Alex Roetter and hopes continue to surge considering the coming together of two great brains.

At the moment, quite little remains known about Kitty Hawk asides from the fact that it is actually closely linked to Zee.Aero, which is Larry’s established car startup. The year 2010 oversaw the funding of these two projects. Aero has lately been referring to itself as a division of Kitty Hawk and has as a matter of fact employed 100 people.

However, it is very important to bring out one thing to the limelight. Kitty Hawk is most probably coming up with quite a different version of the flying car considering the one Zee.Aero is making. It seems to be redirecting its energy to engineering some sort of autonomous flying passenger vehicle and from the LinkedIn updates has employed about 30 people in a direct way.

Kitty Hawk looks at Alex Roetter as quite a great hire. Alex is renowned for the great role he played in moving twitter from the near zero revenue to where it stands at the moment. At the moment, it gets revenues of about $2.5 billion every year.

While working with twitter, the top executive was known as the hands-off type of leader. The year 2015 had Alex caught up in the middle of a controversy but now in his new working station he vows to do much better. For now we just have to wait and see.