Swedish company Ericsson has become the new king of 5G in the U.S after Huawei lost the position due to its indifferences with President Donald Trump’s administration.

The U.S market has been aggressively shifting towards 5G mobile network technology, and Ericsson is turning out to be the top player as far as providing the technology. The company has even managed to take the win over Chinese firm Huawei, which is also a power player in the 5G space. This means that most of the contracts for the provision of 5G equipment and installation will go to Ericsson.

However, that may not have been the case if the U.S was not locked into a trade war with China, in which Huawei ended up losing big time. This is because Trump’s administration has been expressing distrust on Huawei products, which it claims may be used to spy on the U.S. This distrust led to a ban on the unauthorized use of Huawei products, thus preventing the company from securing a dominant position as a 5G provider in the U.S.

Ericsson also managed to outdo Nokia, which is currently the main rival because its 5G equipment is superior. Ericsson also attributes the win to the fact that it was able to develop and roll out the technology faster than its rivals.

Ericsson edges out Huawei in Canada

Ericsson has also extended its dominance across the U.S borders into Canada where it has also managed to secure the win over Huawei with Canadian telecommunications company, Bell. The telecom company recently announced that it selected Ericsson to build its 5G network across Canada.

BCE president Mirko Bibic pointed out that it selected Ericsson because the Swedish company’s innovative 5G equipment, global experience, and network services align with Bell’s 5G network plans. The two companies plan to work together to improve the mobile communications technology landscape in Canada. Interestingly, Canadian companies have also been wondering whether or not to work with Huawei considering the latest woes against the Chinese company. This may have contributed to Bell’s decision to choose Ericsson.