Marginalized groups have needs like everybody else, and Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is at the frontline in catering to this category. The company has come up with a service targeting persons leaving prisons to get absorbed in society. The business promises to channel efforts and resources to develop more products to uplift marginalized groups. 

The Re-Entry App

Facebook shared the Re-Entry App on Wednesday, allowing a section of its users to interact and learn about the new software. Users checked their feeds and learnt about the company’s plan and its proposals. Facebook wants to promote a good and healthy transition into society, which is why it wants to focus on preparing the marginalized group. The business urged users to try out the app and then give their feedback. 

The Facebook spokeswoman has disclosed details about the various moves the company has been making on its quest to ensure better service delivery. She reveals details about the several approaches the company has been resorting to in its quest to close the gaps existing in most of the marginalized groups. 

Facebook pulls down the software

 Facebook later discovered that the software had been running externally, and it decided to take it down. It said that it wasn’t its intention to get it running externally, outlining that it was supposed to be an internal affair. The company says that it learnt shortly about it and moved with speed to fix the issue. 

The company has, over the years, been the type keen on experimenting with app ideas and services. There have been times where things took great turns, with the experiments enabling the company to develop new products. 

In June last year, the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, talked about its plans to close the different groups’ gaps. The leader made a particular reference to racial segregation, proposing the great need to embrace racial justice. 

 Instagram has been doing a remarkable job helping the underserved communities, with its equity team focussing on developing new and exciting features. These features have been proving somewhat helpful when offering solutions to the needs of the under-served persons.