Alphabet Inc Class C’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) move to overturn a $114 million fine was prevented by a French court that supported accusations against its cookie policy. The company has been in a court case since 2022 after accusations that it used cookies to target its users without their consent. Moreover, the company didn’t offer users an easy way to refuse the tracking.

Laurent Domingo stated the initial fine was appropriate as Google hadn’t followed through with its obligations. In addition, Google didn’t give users a way to block the tracking devices and did not get their consent. Despite this, Google said that French regulators did not have the jurisdiction to make the judgment; hence the matter should go to courts in the European Union.

Google also faces accusations of discrimination after offering expensive COVID test kits to its full-time employees while making contractors get inefficient kits that produce results after a long time. The full-time employees get instant kits from Cue Health Inc, while contractors get BioIQ kits that they mail to a lab for results.

Google executive accesses Apple of using peer pressure to sell iPhone 

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Android boss, also accuses Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) of bullying and pressuring customers into buying its products. This accusation comes after a report by the Wall Street Journal showed how teenagers in the U.S used Apple iMessage to display their status as it locked out Android users.

Lockheimer adds that while they are not expecting Apple to make their messaging app available for Android users, they hope the company will support RCS messaging to improve users’ experience for Android and Apple customers.

Essential information from Google Analytics 

Meanwhile, Forbes Agency Council members have shared 15 essential pieces of information from their clients’ Google Analytics. This data includes traffic cycle start times, conversion paths, organic entrances, demographics, session duration, among others. The members also state why this information was important.

Google has also added a feature to its Wear OS watches that rotated the screen 180°. However, this upgrade may not be available for all Wear OS users and could require users to make some upgrades. Users requested the feature in 2018 to cater to left-handed people.