Meta Platfroms Inc’s (NASDAQ: META) Facebook has been at the heart of the Meta set of products for users connecting with its larger ecosystem, notwithstanding the name switch and metaverse hyperbole. Although it may remain the case permanently, it is evident that the corporation is making efforts to free its upcoming user base from being bound to a platform that could still be profitable but is not where the firm sees its transformation.

Facebook to launch a new kind of login 

The business will launch a new sort of login dubbed a Meta account next month, enabling customers to interact with services that previously could have needed a Facebook profile to utilize. Users would be able to register for and log in to the firm’s Quest gear at debut, and the company claims the feature will eventually be added to other Meta products. Users have the option of connecting their Facebook and Instagram profiles to their Meta profiles or not. Also, users are free to have several Meta profiles, unlike Facebook accounts, the business claims.

The worries of certain VR users that complained regarding different issues with using a private social network account login to play games have been addressed by this adjustment. While several users expressed concern over privacy issues, others expressed frustration over further organizational problems caused by merging two accounts with different friend lists, settings, and policies.

For VR users, Meta accounts will be the default login

Meta profiles will be the default login method for VR clients by the start of the next year. The new method requires VR users to register for a Meta login and a “Meta Horizon Profile” that will take the role of their Oculus accounts and house details, like their identity and avatar, that they will use throughout the Quest ecosystem. The most intriguing aspect of this transition is that with the Horizon profile, Meta is switching from a “Friends” to a “Followers” structure. It’s important to note that new Meta profiles for children 13 through 17 years old will remain private by default.