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Is InMed Pharmaceuticals (OTCQB:IMLFF) The Next Big Thing In Cannabis?

The biotech sector is well known for delivering triple-digit, quadruple-digit and even quintuple-digit stock winners.  It’s not uncommon for a biotech company to go from relative unknown status to $ Billions in market value literally overnight.  It’s the nature of the game for the biopharma industry and it holds true for our next hot pick, InMed Pharmaceuticals IMLFF:  

The majority of biotech companies start off as primarily research, with no revenue and very little entry into the development phases… and that’s what sets InMed Pharmaceuticals apart.  Proven expertise, a proprietary cutting-edge technology and TWO drugs already heading towards clinical trials could quickly position InMed as a major player.

IMLFF: is a FOUR-BAGGER or I’ll eat my hat!!   Here’s why…

  1. Top management bios read like a who’s who of bio-pharmaceutical. InMed’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ado Muhammed, MD, DPM, MFPM was instrumental in leading GW Pharmaceuticals to its position as the largest stock on the Marijuana Index.
  2. InMed has developed a sophisticated “bioinformatics tool” that can identify potential therapies using 90+ of the minor Cannabinoids for a myriad of specific diseases. (Just to give you an idea of how big that is, GW Pharma has only identified 15, and they are trading at a $2.8B market cap.)
  3. InMed currently has TWO drugs on the verge of PHASE ONE TRIALS WITH THE FDA, both with Billion Dollar ++ markets. And was able to make that happen FOR UNDER $5 MILLION BUCKS – FOR BOTH DRUGS!!
  • (INM-705) for the treatment of Epidermolysis Bullosa – an orphan pediatric disease with no current approved therapies and a potential market of $1 BILLION+
  • (INM-085) for the treatment of Glaucoma, a $5 BILLION DOLLAR POTENTIAL MARKET.


InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF: drugs are developed using non-psychoactive cannabinoids.  Here’s the kicker:  They don’t extract cannabinoids from the marijuana plant, which is an expensive and time consuming process.   The true innovation lies in the proprietary technology that enables InMed to produce bio-identical synthesized cannabinoids.  If you didn’t get that, it means they make them in the lab bio-synthetically not from organically-grown cannabis!! This means cheaper, purer and more focused applications that are scalable to an industry expected to grow to $20.6 billion by 2020, according to Arcview Market Research.  If you’ve been following the cannabis industry, you know that is a groundbreaking feat in its own rite… and one that could make InMed a coveted acquisition target.


InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF: has developed a robust, high-yield biosynthesis process for the manufacture of naturally occurring cannabinoids. This process combines the safety of the natural drug structures with the convenience, control and quality of a laboratory-based manufacturing process.

picture2Benefits of Biosynthesis:
1. Significant cost savings vs. existing growing / extraction / purification methods
2. Easier path for scale-up and systems optimization
3. Enhanced production, purification and quality control
4. Access to 90+ minor cannabinoids that are currently economically unfeasible to develop into drugs.

InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF: proprietary bioinformatics algorithm assesses the different active sites on cannabinoids and screens them against known, approved drug structures, disease site receptors, genetic profiles of diseases, and the involvement of proteins and chemical metabolites in disease pathways. This program then selects specific cannabinoids, or combinations of cannabinoids, that might play.

DO YOU GET IT?   They can identify limitless drugs that can be made from cannabinoids, which moves them up to clinical trial status in the wink of an eye – so it’s fast to develop, CHEAP>CHEAP>CHEAP to do – and that is where this company becomes a FOUR BAGGER!

picture1So how do you value IMLFF’s Bioinformatics Process?  It’s not on the balance sheet, its intrinsic, but worth a whole hell of a lot to investors.

InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF: is a walking take-over target by big drug companies, for sure.  Why?  Because it costs a fortune to identify cannabinoid drug applications that can actually be developed – that’s why.


Rare diseases like Epidermolysis Bullosa affect nearly 10% of the U.S. population, but get little to no attention from pharmaceutical giants.  Congress sought to fix this by introducing the Orphan Drug Act.  Pharmaceuticals that receive approved orphan drug status get fast tracked through FDA approval and receive financial incentives, including 7 years of market exclusivity and tax benefits.  http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/NewsEvents/ucm487968.htm

What does that mean for investors?  Once InMed gets rolling, it’ll move fast.

Take a look at Soliris, which costs more than $409,000 per year for treatment of a rare blood disease, paroxysymal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.  Soliris brought in a total of $541 million in total sales for Alexion Pharmaceuticals, a huge accomplishment considering only four to six thousand people in the United States suffer from this disease. http://thomsonreuters.com/content/dam/openweb/documents/pdf/pharma-life-sciences/white-paper/1001450.pdf


InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF: is <<<<WAY UNDERVALUED>>>>  The stock is trading at ELEVEN CENTS!!!  THERE SHOULD BE A $1 IN FRONT OF THAT…. ($1.11).  Is that a FOUR-BAGGER?  No way, Jose!   But the possibility of InMed Pharmaceutical trading up into the $0.40 range is very likely!!

So far this year, InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF: has completed TWO PRIVATE PLACEMENTS, without the help of any investment banking firm.  What does that mean?   BIOPHARMA STOCK INVESTORS LIKE IMLFF.

Fully-diluted, there are 84.1 million shares issued and outstanding.  But get this, of that 84.1 million, 14.1 million are Warrants and 9.8 million are Options.  That means as the stock rises, so does the in-coming capital.  So, while there’s dilution ahead, CHA-CHING, GOES THE CASH REGISTER.

And investors get a TWOFER with InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF. It’s also listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) under the symbol CSE:IN.  And it trades really well, averaging over $60 GRAND (Canadian) A DAY!  But here in the USA, IMLFF is just getting started.  Give it a month or two for American bio pharma investors to find it and the trading pressure will make IMLFF TAKE OFF.  It’s a four-bagger, or I’ll eat my hat!



Sat, 10 Dec 2016 18:04:07 GMT

InMed announces progress on COPD program

Tue, 06 Dec 2016 11:00:00 GMT
[PR Newswire] – OTCQB: IMLFF), announced progress today on its R&D program in the use of cannabinoids for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In June, 2015 InMed initiated its COPD program using its bioinformatics analysis tool to identify the targets and potential active compounds that can be useful for the treatment of COPD. Dr. Sazzad Hossain, Chief Scientific Officer of InMed, noted, “Taking into consideration the impact of this specific protein’s role in lung tissue remodeling and fibrosis, these preliminary data are important and promising for developing cannabinoid-based therapies for COPD.” It is well known that cannabinoids exhibit bronchodilatory, immunosuppressive, and anti-inflammatory properties and thus cannabinoid-based therapies may offer safer and more effective treatment options for COPD.

InMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Appoints Senior Vice President, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs

Mon, 31 Oct 2016 10:00:00 GMT
[PR Newswire] – OTCQB: IMLFF), today announced the appointment of Alexandra D.J. Mancini, M.Sc., as Senior Vice President, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs. “Ms. Mancini has over 30 years’ global biopharmaceutical R&D experience with a particular emphasis on clinical development and regulatory affairs.

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