Cellceutix Corp (OTCMKTS:CTIX) provide shareholders with a complete update on ongoing corporate operations and pipeline development. The company started with an update on its study of Kevetrin. It started the first-in-human trial of Kevetrin in patients suffering with solid tumors in 2012. In April 2015, a total of 39 patients were administered with multiple doses of Kevetrin. The medication was found to be extremely well-tolerated.

The details

Kevetrin was well-tolerated even by the recently treated patients who were administered with the highest dose 450 mg/m2. Cellceutix stated that Lab experiments verify Kevetrin works by reactivating the tumor suppressor protein p53. It is also known as the “Guardian Angel Gene,” which is almost always ineffective or mutated in cancer patients. The tumor suppressor protein has long remained in focus in oncology research. As of now, it achieved limited success due to toxicity issues of candidate drugs. However, Kevetrin is seen as a potentially breakthrough drug candidate due to its action mechanism and safety profile.

The studies

Cellceutix stated that the while the study is essentially to assess safety of repeated cycles of drug Kevetrin, it is promising to see that some patients showed stabilization of tumor status throughout treatment. Kevetrin seems to be having the desired effects on p53 in a numerous patients treated. It is measured by rise in the levels of the p21 biomarker. As per the latest data, more than 50% of patients treated showed rise in the p21 marker. Moreover, the effect on p53/p21 seems to be dose-dependent. As of now, the Company is saving the data for an appropriate scientific venue.

In the last trading session, the stock price of declined almost 2% to close the trading session at $2.99. The decline came at a share volume of 271,531 compared to a share volume of 201,289. The high for the day was $3.04.