Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH), a fast-growing healthcare company that focuses mainly on developing new treatments for cancer patients, has signed a new research agreement. As per the reports, the company has entered into a biomarker research agreement with Adaptive Biotechnologies.

Insights On Agreement:

Under the terms of this agreement, Adaptive Biotechnologies will be entitled to use its patented immunoSEQ(R) Assay to enable an in-depth characterization of the immune response to a wide range of diseases. In the characterization, diseases that are studied in the pre-clinical stage and post clinical development efforts having the main focus on pro-enzyme “PRP” therapeutic of Propanc Health Group are to be studied.

With the help of this procedure in pre-cellular tumor micro-environment, researchers can identify the exact number of people that are likely to respond to this therapy on the basis of their immune system.

The senior management of Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) is delighted to enter into this research agreement and hopes that it will get the desired results in the near future with the help of Adaptive Biotechnologies. According to James Nathanielsz, CEO, Propanc, it’s great to sign this research agreement with a company like Adaptive Biotechnologies.

He further adds that Adaptive has done exceptionally well in the immuno-oncology field lately. Propanc Health Group looks forward to exploring more about PRP, various mechanisms, how it affects the surroundings of the cancer cell and lastly a patient’s response to immune treatment. Propanc is indulged in many research procedures as of now, and this collaboration will help it executing all the research works in an effective way.

The senior management of Adaptive is equally delighted to enter into this Agreement. According to Chad Robins, Co-Founder, CEO & President, Adaptive Biotechnologies, being a market leader in immune sequencing, it’s good for Adaptive to work with Propanc and contribute to the discovery of cancer therapeutics.