Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has lost two of its C-level executives, in the form of its interim Chief Information Security Officer, Ramses Martinez, and the company CMO, Kathy Savitt. However, the most surprising was the fact that Mr. Martinez had been at the company for just a month and had quietly left the company for a security job at Apple.

Mrs. Savitt had been the head of Yahoo’s media unit and is reported to have moved on to STC Entertainment. The relatively new film studio has been attracting executive departures from all over the country and is headed by Robert Simonds, a Hollywood producer. Savitt will be taking over as President of Digital Operations at STX studios.

While Savitt’s departure has been in the news for a while and has attracted significant attention from the public, the departure of Martinez has remained relatively hush. In fact, the news had to be confirmed from his LinkedIn profile, where it is stated that he joined Apple in August 2015, as part of the information security team.

The gap left by Martinez, is currently being filled in by the company’s senior VP, Jay Rossiter. Additionally, company representatives have also confirmed that they are looking for a new permanent CISO. Martinez is the second CISO to leave Yahoo in the past two months, the first being Alex Stamos who held the post since 2011. Mr. Stamos had moved to Facebook in July, leaving room for Martinez to take over.

However, in the period of his month long tenure as CISO, Martinez was successfully able to oversee the risk analysis process, corporate incident response policy and threat matrix. Additionally, he was also responsible for the creation and management of the Yahoo’s global incident response and bug bounty programs.

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has already lost 3.79% of its share value, as it continues to trade at $30.27 on September 14, 11:08AM. YHOO has a 52-week average of $29-$52.62 and commands a market cap of $28.55 billion.