Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has given San Francisco residents a reason to wear a wider smile with its plan to launch its superfast internet service, Google Fiber.

The software and tech company revealed that it will make Google Fiber available in some of the city’s affordable housing, apartments and condos. The company also announced that it will use the already existing fiber network rather than setting up from the ground up. This will help to significantly lower the costs of the project. The company employed the same strategy when it introduced the Internet service in Huntsville, Alabama less than a month ago.

This is big news for the city because San Francisco is one of the most tech-oriented cities in the world and introducing internet speeds as fast as those offered through Google Fiber will match the status. Google has been slowly expanding the service to more areas in the US for the past six years. The project was initially launched in Kansas City, Missouri. Google is planning on expanding the fast internet service to more cities.

Google Fiber is ten times quicker than the internet connections that most people are subscribed to in the US. The service offers mind-blowing download speeds of up to 1 GB per second. San Francisco will be the 22nd urban area to benefit from Google Fiber. The company has not revealed details about when the service will be launched in the country. However, it has urged, the city’s residents to sign up for the service on the Google Fiber website. The will also receive updates when the company finally launches the service.

Google also revealed that it has teamed up with the Nonprofit Technology Network to launch the Digital Inclusion fellowship in San Francisco. The partnership will recruit individuals who can enlighten people on how to use the internet and basic technology to make their lives better. The company also stated that the partnership will be in line with Google’s mission of making the internet more affordable as well as enhancing its accessibility.