Premier Holdings Corp (OTCMKTS:PRHL) recently announced an expansion move that saw it open a new business development office in a strategic location in New York. Company officials say that was one of their 2016 goals that have been met early in the year. The opening of the office location at the Helmsley Building located at 230 Park Avenue followsa deal that Premier Holdings recently signed with Planet Fitness, a unit of PFNY, LLC.

Today, PRHL opened at 0.0695 and so far has hit a high of 0.072 with more than 1.3M shares exchanging hands.

The opening of the New York office is designed to fuel growth of Premier Holdings Corp (OTCMKTS:PRHL)’s two clean energy-themed subsidiaries namely Energy Efficiency Experts (E3) and The Power Company (TPC) in the state as well as the neighboring ones. In particular, Premier Holding says the team at the New York office will focus on offering TPC’s deregulated power solutions to customers in New York and neighboring deregulated states. In the process will team will also look into opening new business opportunities for E3 at both commercial and residential levels.

Fruits of the expansion

Premier Holdings says that the New York office is already generating substantial business and it hopes for more business opportunities in the future. The New York team is initially targeting Building Management companies, Major Real Estate holders and REITs with its various energy solutions.

One of the deals that have come through Premier Holdings Corp (OTCMKTS:PRHL)’s New York office is the contract recently signed with PFNY’s division called Planet Fitness. Premier Holdings says that PFNY will save up to $500,000 using its energy solutions over the next three years.

One of 2016 agendas

The opening of the New York office accomplishes one of Premier Holdings Corp (OTCMKTS:PRHL)’s agendas for 2016. The company is looking to expand so that it can reach more customers, unlock more revenues and diversify its revenue streams, especially geographically. The management expects the opening of the New York office to pave the way for more deals and accelerate the achievement of other 2016 growth agendas.