Immunomedics, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMMU), better known for offering monoclonal antibody-based products, announced its newest U.S. patent no. 9,278,129. The patent belongs to Immunomedics’ well-known patent family – Methods of Treating Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis Using Chimeric and Humanized Anti-Histone Antibodies.

As per the reports, this new patent is all about different methods of using an anti-histone antibody, which can be utilized in a number of fatal, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Insights of Matter

Experts claim that histones play a vital role in human bodies and work as structure components of chromatin. In addition to their nuclear functions, they can also be used into circulation by activated and damaged cells. Most of the research studies conducted in the recent past indicate that circulating histones can have a crucial impact on acute and sepsis respiratory distress syndrome. It’s a clear cut evidence that histones can also be used as promising therapeutic targets for inflammatory and infectious disorders.

It’s not the first time when Immunomedics has got patent rights. Earlier this month, it had received two patents. The first patent with patent number 9,272,057 is related to additional claims under “Combining Radioimmunotherapy and Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADCs) for Improved Cancer Therapy” patent family. The second patent with patent number 9,272,029 is related to “Interferon-Lambda Antibody Complexes,” patent family.

Nowadays, cancer and other such diseases are becoming more and more common among people in different parts of the world. It’s an alarming situation for companies active in this field, which is why they are coming up with safe treatments that can cure these terrible diseases. The case of Immunomedics is not different from any other company in this field.

The senior management team of Immunomedics is delighted to announce this update and hopes that it will make a significant change in the market. According to Cynthia L. Sullivan, CEO & President, Immunomedics, these new patents are the results of the efforts put in my production team towards developing new treatment regimens and agents. These regimens and agents are capable of improving the management of those who are suffering from autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other related diseases.

Immunomedics will continue to come up with more such treatments in the future.