Opko Health Inc. (NYSE:OPK) has revealed that its subsidiary, GeneDx, has been asked to present a total of 11-talks and 18-poster presentations at the 2016 ACMG Annual Meeting. All presentations are related to genetics, but vary in terms of content. Opko has stated that the selection of GeneDx affirms the subsidiary’s position as an industry leader.

The CEO of GeneDx, Marc Grodman, expressed honor at having a large number, of his company’s presentations, accepted. He also revealed that the scope of the presentations expands towards enriching the scientific community. The ACMG Meeting covers a wide array of topics, from whole exome sequencing to inherited cancer testing. GeneDx is expected to present on the use of Whole Exome Sequencing for fetal demise and anomalies, neurodevelopment disorders and neuro-developmental delay, amongst others.

GeneDx is particularly known for utilizing its Whole Exome Sequencing program, to better understand the genetic causes of intellectual disabilities, such as autism. The ACMG annual meeting provides the company with a platform, to share its findings with the scientific community. Further details regarding the company’s “Autism/Intellectual Disability Xpanded Panel”. The panel is currently analyzing an approximate 2,000 genes, known to be associated with autism.

Opko released its 4Q2015 results on February 29, not only beating analyst estimates, but also generating $1.6 million in income. The company had reported a loss during the same period, in the preceding year and analysts had expected the company to report an EPS of -$0.01. However, for the FY2015, Opko still reported a net loss of $30 million or an EPS of -$0.06. The company had $491.7 million in yearly revenues. Analysts at TheStreet believe that Opko has a strong financial position, with a robust growth in revenue. Added to this, Opko has reasonable debt levels. However, the analysts still believe that the company has a weak operating cash flow.

Opko Health Inc. (NYSE:OPK) had a trade volume of 3.03 million, during the March 4 session, to gain 1.04% during the session, reaching a close at $9.70.