Nothing seems to be going right for Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc (NYSE:VRX) at this moment. Its stock price was already down 10% on Monday, and SEC made things worse by announcing an investigation regarding its performance and financial data.

Insights of Matter

There were a lot of rumors trending in the market throughout the last week. As soon as it delayed earnings call pulled its guidance on Sunday night, and revealed that Allergan had decided to challenge one of its patents of a key-drug, investors lost their cool. As a result of heavy selling, its stock opened 10% down on Monday morning.

A report published by The Wall Street Journal claimed that Valeant’s facing investigations from SEC, Congress, U.S. Attorney’s offices in Massachusetts and New York, and the Justice Department. As a result of all these facts and events, company’s shares that were 10% down in the morning, ended the day with 18% negative growth, worst intra-day performance in last three years.

It all started when Valeant decided to cancel the conference call to discuss 4Q2015 results after inviting a few analysts to a ‘courtesy call.’ It was not enough as the firm unveiled to Bloomberg on Monday evening that it was facing a handful of investigation from different authorities. These details, which otherwise should have been announced a lot earlier, hurt the belief that shareholders had in its capabilities.

Followed by this uncertainty in company’s actions and financial result announcement, Moody’s announced that it was reviewing Valeant’s credits and planning to downgrade it immediately. Moreover, Deutsche Bank also suspended Valeant’s ratings by the evening to get a better idea of others’ opinions about the company.

It’s not the first time when Valeant has done something like that. It has been announcing and not meeting earnings guidelines for last few quarters amid many business and operational issues. As the company is already 18% down, it will be great to see how Valeant’s senior management deals with this situation now.