Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ALXN) has announced the results from its phase-2 Strensiq trial. The data showed some promise in patients with prenatal and infantile onset hypophosphotasia. The patients were treated with Strensiq and showed significant improvements in bone healing. The patients had already undergone 3.5-years of treatment. The results were obtained through a radiographic analysis. The data was presented at the Endocrine Society’s 98th Annual Meeting, in Boston.

The phase-2 trial also revealed a 90% survival rate in patients and as well as improvement in respiratory status, which sustained after treatment. Martin Mackay, the executive VP of ALXN, stated that clinically significant and sustained improvements were seen across all measures HPP, treated with Strensiq. He also revealed that the drug treats the main cause of HPP, by replacing the TNSALP enzyme. Moreover the data also showed the efficacy and safety of Strensiq.

However, that was not the only drug that Alexion had great success with. The company’s enzyme replacement therapy Kanuma was approved by the Japanese ministry of health, labor and welfare, for the treatment of LAL-D, in patients of all ages. Japan serves as an untapped market for the drug, since there are not alternate treatments to Kanuma for the said disease. ALXN expects to begin commercialization of the drug in 3Q2016. It should be noted here that LAL-D is a life threatening disease, but is also an ultra-rare disorder. Kanuma is already being used in the US and Germany, for treatment of the same disorder.

It is also expected that Kanuma would be marketed outside the EU during 2016 and 2017. As such geographical expansion would significantly boost the market for the drug. It should be noted here that the drug was not developed by Alexion itself, but was instead part of an acquisition of Synageva. Whether the company can obtain similar results for Strensiq remains to be seen.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ALXN) completed the April 5 trading session with a gain of 0.63%, to close at a share price of $148.03.