Hemispherx BioPharma, Inc (NYSEMKT:HEB) is seeking an additional contract manufacturer of its experimental drug, Ampligen®. The company has reached out to Avrio Biopharmaceuticals with whom it has settled on an agreement that it will make real Hemispherx’s mission. Ampligen® which also goes by the generic name rintatolimod. Avrio has already passed the FDA’s inspection will support the Company’s ongoing domestic clinical studies given its capabilities. It will also support the newly instigated Early Access Program (EAP) in Europe and Turkey.

The EAP program has the potential of generating positive cash flow from its transactions given that it will be outside of the United States. The agreement will also allow Hemispherx to restock its Ampligen®/rintatolimod inventory swiftly. As this happens, Hemispherx is crossing its fingers over approval of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).

The Company’s CEO’s had this to say

Hemispherx’s CEO Thomas Equels says that the company is excited to be working with Avrio. It is a well-respected professional team hence its incorporation is a motivator in attaining Hemispherx’s short term goal of accelerated manufacturing of Ampligen. The motivator will also propel the possibility of a long term haul.

On the other hand, CEO of Avrio Biopharmaceuticals, Dr. Assad Kazeminy is also a passionate man. His opinion is that the new relationship will facilitate the building of an enhanced client portfolio. It is a strategy that matches Avrio’s most vital competencies.

More about the two companies

The two have had a share of adorable competencies with clear records of innovation. Alferon N Injection® is one of many Hemispherx’s flagship products. The advanced pharmaceutical company is also part of manufacturing and clinical development of other drugs that treat various incapacitating disorders.

Avrio Biopharmaceuticals also has a share of its applause. The FDA inspected premier supports different services the likes of aseptic manufacturing, lyophilization, formulation, process validation as well as stability storage and complete analytical CMC testing among others.