Before we get into Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:PSTI) we would like to draw your attention on a company that released solid news this morning.

In collaboration with the University of Minnesota, Oxis Biotech Inc will develop and also commercialize cancer therapies using Trispecific Killer Engager (TriKE) technology. The new agreement gives the company which is a subsidiary of OXIS International, Inc. (OTCMKTS:OXIS) and Euronext Paris a great milestone according to Oxis’ Chief Executive Officer, Anthony J. Cataldo. The TriKE technology use by the researchers designed to address the issue of making NK cells antigen-specific, something that is achieved through the modification of a bispecific antibody platform.

Cataldo says that the bispecific antibody platform has robust capabilities of killing cancer cells through the use of antibody dependent cell-mediated toxicity (ADCC). The platform may be very popular, but nevertheless, it needs more enhancing which triggered the need for the TriKE platform. Deputy Director of the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota Jeffrey Miller, emphasizes that the trispecific platform has its distinctiveness given its capabilities in activating signal directly to the immune cell.

It is the university’s desire to have a way of expanding the immune cell population within a patient without necessarily having to use expensive means hence the platform comes in handy. As such, Miller says that Oxis is looking forward to gaining the FDA’s approval on the clinical trials of the platform before it can exhibit its safety and efficacy.

About The TriKE technology

The technology is highly effective in the killing cancer cells and apparently, it has very moderate side effects. It is of much preference to CAR-T therapy which apart from being expensive, it also has significant side effects. The TriKE research has gained bounty of accolades to a point of mentioned in the medical journal Science Translational Medicine

It is expected that the technology will work with specificity into delivering a local immune expansion which can weaken a toxic environment, unlike the standard anti-cancer antibodies. It also gives Oxis International, Inc more focus on developing innovative drugs to meet the unmet medical needs of cancer patients.

Getting back to Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:PSTI), PSTI reported that it has developed its Phase I study of PLX-R18 cells to cure insufficient hematopoietic recovery after hematopoietic cell transplantation by contracting with a pioneer global clinical research organization. The study obtained clearance from the U.S. FDA earlier this year and the company plans to being enrollment in the coming months.

The highlights

Pluristem reported that the open-label, multi-center, dose-escalating Phase 1study will assess the safety of intramuscular doses of “PLX-R18” cells in thirty enrollments with incomplete hematopoietic recovery seen for 6 months or over following HCT. Zami Aberman, the CEO of Pluristem, said that data from this study will highlight PLX-R18 potential to cure a wide range of symptoms including radiation therapy-based blood diseases and blood cancers.

The CRO they select has broad experience working with prominent biotech and pharmaceutical firms to effectively manage clinical studies. Aberman said that they are thrilled to move forward to lead clinical sites online and commence enrolling subjects. Data from various preclinical trials performed by world-class research entities have demonstrated that PLX-R18 cells release a range of specific proteins that back the renewal of bone marrow and the retrieval of its capability to produce normal quantity of the three types of blood cell. PLX-R18 is advanced to be given without matching, and utilizing a standard syringe to administer the cells intramuscularly.

The industry buzz

Steadymed Ltd (NASDAQ:STDY), a specialty pharmaceutical firm focused on the advancement of drug product candidates to cure high-value and orphan diseases with unserved parenteral delivery requirements reported the launch of the PHenomenal campaign. This plan provides people with PH and their friends and relatives the opportunity to submit videos and photos of themselves revealing what makes them inspiring and interesting. Dr. Fernando Torres, who is associated with Steadymed, said that his patients with PH repeatedly impress him with their optimism, humor and strength.PH can be a shattering disease, however, they cannot allow it to define them.