It was announced today that a software-defined network from Brocade Communications Systems Inc (NASDAQ:BRCD) has been implemented by Arizona State University. This has been declared one of the most innovative universities throughout the U.S.

Arizona State University also serves as the base location for some of the top researchers in areas extending to Physics, Biology as well as global security initiatives.

In order to further improve high volume, data-driven research amongst various departments, the Brocade software has been implemented throughout the university.

Jay Etchings, the director of research computing at Arizona’s State University stated that through the implementation of the Brocade software, the advanced network capabilities will enable the university to continue supporting and being involved in innovative global research which has both purpose and impact.

The implementation of Brocade Network software was crucial into removing unpredictable bandwidth allocations and diminished network latency. This led to slowing down; if not completely hindering research innovation.

The software that they have implemented includes The Brocade SDN solution. This software enables almost seamless access to resources and workload flexibility for researchers.

Furthermore, through the use of the Brocade Flow Optimizer, users at Arizona’s State University are able to observe latency that has a possibility of being introduced to the network as well as the ability to remove any traffic flows that may disrupt the rest of the network.

In addition to this, the Brocade SDN Controller ensures that managing networks are more efficient. Accompanied by further development towards the OpenFlow firewall, which the university currently has in place.

Supplementary to this various software via Brocade, Arizona State University has also implemented the Brocade Topology manager as well the Brocade Flow Manager application, both of these enables administrators to manage the topology of the network.

This means that through the use of this software administrators are able to manage devices and flows through the SDN environment using the Brocade SDN controller interface.

Life Clips Inc (OTCMKTS:LCLP) Signs Agreement With Potential For Full Rollout With Toys R Us

Life Clips Inc (OTCMKTS:LCLP) spiked during the August 22 trading session, after it announced that it had entered into an agreement with Toys R Us. As per the agreement, LCLP would conduct a test run for the Mobeego brand, in retail locations of Toys R Us. The two companies have agreed to initially test the product in 20 of the 81 retails stores, in Canada. Furthermore, if the initial test runs are successful, Toys R Us has agreed to back a full rollout of the products, in all 81 locations.

Bob Gruder, the CEO of LCLP, stated that this was a big opportunity for the company. He claimed that not only will this provide Mobeego with more exposure, but would also create a revenue stream, from the full rollout. Mr. Gruder also claimed that this would be perfectly in-line with the company’s strategy to target and then place LCLP products in Big Box retail outlets.