Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has once again taken a risk by launching the Ford Super Duty 2017, which comes with a major overhaul after almost 20 years.

Ford Super Duty Market Performance

The Ford Super Duty is considered as one of the best-performing heavy-duty pickups of all time. Currently, it holds more than 40% of the US heavy-duty pickup market. In 2015 alone, nearly 800,000 units of Ford Super Duty F-Series have been sold in the US.

Given the fact that Ford Motor did not give the vehicle a major revamp for almost two decades, it’s evident that the Ford Super Duty has always been doing just fine.

Bob Shanks, Ford Motor Chief Financial Officer (CFO), has reiterated that the Ford Super Duty is one of the most important units in the company’s product portfolio. With the major overhaul coming in after 18 years, the Ford Super Duty 2017 production will definitely require massive resources.

Ford Super Duty 2017 Production

The carmaker has shelled out over $1.30 billion for the production of the Ford Super Duty 2017. As part of this, Ford Motor has already opened over 2,000 job opportunities in its Kentucky Truck Plant. The company oversees detailed laboring for all of its Ford Super Duty F-Series units, which is why every part of the manufacturing procedure means an employment opportunity.

The official production of Ford Super Duty 2017 has begun this month. Since the brand was launched in 1999, the production plant has already produced over five million units of Ford Super Duty F-Series heavy-duty pickup trucks.

Ford Super Duty 2017 Lineup

The Ford Super Duty 2017 models are built with military-grade, aircraft-grade, aluminum-alloy bodies, ensuring the reputable durability the brand has always been distinct for. Accordingly, they will be respectively lighter yet stronger than ever.

The lineup includes various high-powered heavy-duty pickup trucks, starting from the F-250 as the base model. Moreover, it comes in different engine configurations. The price range is between about $30,000 and nearly $80,000.

The Ford Super Duty 2017 also boasts with new technologies and significant features. Many of these have been employed in consideration of what customers deem as essential upgrades.