Incontact Inc (NASDAQ:SAAS) has partnered with HelpSocial to work on the next generation customer support platform tool.

The two corporations will work together to come up with a platform that will allow customer care on social media to access customer care services that allow them to seamlessly connect to center agents through integration with the Open Cloud Platform from inContact. HelpSocial’s main aim is for customer service to meet the contact center needs. This is in comparison to an add-on tool on social media that allows the agents at the contact center to carry out instant matching of the social profiles to the customer records.

The unified system allows the agents at the contact centers to provide a high-quality experience to customers as well as rapid service delivery. It also offers high-value context to the contact center agents. The system connects social media activity directly to any available agent. It also displays customer information based on social channel interaction as well as linking into the CRM system. HelpSocial provides a shortcut that allows inContact customers to tackle the social media demands without disrupting the flow of support processes.

Integrating HelpSocial into inContact will introduce a new set of features that can be exploited by inContact customers. Some of the features include a unified agent experience, complex conversation searches featuring advanced filtering to get rid of noise and the agents also receive a full product coordination. HelpSocial CEO Matt Wilbanks stated that HelpSocial gives businesses the ability to serve the social media customers without disrupting the existing tools and ongoing processes.

Wilbanks also stated that his firm is excited to be working together with inContact towards bringing their social media clients on board as a channel and it validates the role of social media in customer service. It also highlights the growing reliance of social media as a channel. HelpSocial offers a unique integration method that gives the contact centers the ability to integrate their social capabilities into an existing set of tools.