inContact, Inc. (NASDAQ:SAAS) announced on Thursday that it had sealed an agreement with HelpSocial, Inc. to provide contact center agents with social media customer care functions through a seamless inContact Open Cloud Platform integration.

inContact Open Cloud Platform Integration

The inContact Open Cloud Platform integration will enable contact center agents to link customer records to their respective social media profiles. Consequently, the will be able to provide faster and more efficient services to all customers. HelpSocial, on the other hand, has the crucial role of providing inContact clients with convenient and hassle-free ways to handle social media demands.

Paul Jarman, inContact CEO, elaborated that customer services through social media platform has now become increasingly vital for all businesses. Through this partnership with HelpSocial, Jarman expects to provide better services to all customers around the world.

Similarly, Matt Wilbanks, HelpSocial CEO, emphasized that working together with inContact will optimize the experience of agents and customers alike.

Digital Media Growth

inContact Consumer Research indicates that there is undeniably an increasing social media reliance among consumers nowadays. In a 2015 survey involving 2,000 respondents, more than 50% recognize the importance of social media customer service. About 60% of them also noted that seeing a negative product or service review online automatically discourages them from engaging with or purchasing such.

Q2 Financial Highlights

Earlier this month, inContact has released its second quarter earnings report.

For the period, the company had a total of $63.80 million in revenue, posting a 20% year-over-year surge from $53.10 million. Software revenue accounted for $42.40 million, posting a 24% year-over-year revenue increase from $34.10 million.

inContact reported a total of $38.60 million in operating expenses, representing 61% of the consolidated revenue. This shows a flat year-over-year performance considering a total of $32.20 million in operating expenses, which also represented 61% of the respective consolidated revenue during the second quarter last year.

Meanwhile, net loss was seen at $7.40 million, which is comparable to a net loss of $7.30 million seen during the same quarter in 2015.

Lastly, inContact has not provided a guidance for the fiscal year (FY) 2016.