Dr. Curtis J. Crawford is among the most influential black corporate directors in 2016, according to Savoy Magazine. Welcoming the news of the naming of one of their own in the prestigious list, ON Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:ON), through its President and CEO Keith Jackson congratulated Crawford on his honor.

Crawford achievements at ON

Just a few years after ON Semiconductors was founded, growth of the semiconductor-based solutions supplier has been phenomenal, thanks to Dr. Crawford. Precisely, Crawford has helped ON Semiconductors grow from $1.785 billion in revenue to $3.496 billion, according to 2015 revenue reports. On Semiconductors thanks Crawford for his efforts in making the company a multimarket player having employee from various parts of the world. Furthermore, ON Semiconductors is currently among the top 20 semi conductor companies, thanks Crawford. Elsewhere, Dr. Curtis J. Crawford is the President and CEO of XCEO. He also holds management positions in various other companies.

Crawford epitomizes ON Semiconductor’s diversity

Diversity and inclusion are some of the core values at ON Semiconductors. In fact, the company launched a Diversity and Inclusion initiative recently in the USA. Sponsored and governed by a Senior Leader Diversity and Inclusion council, this initiative engenders workplace inclusion and diversity as well as community partnerships. Crawford is at the heart of both diversity and inclusion, and perhaps that is why Savoy Magazine was quick to notice him and honor him with the inclusion of his name in the 2016 list of the most influential black corporate directors.

The Diversity and Inclusion initiative is here to stay and Crawford’s performance can only get better. To promote this initiative, Affinity Network Groups will be established. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for under-represented populations (STEM UP) and Women’s Leadership are already existing examples of such groups. More will come, and this way, there is more time for Crawford to shine in the most influential black corporate directors arena.