High Performance Beverages Co (OTCMKTS:TBEV) reported the implementation of a sales, production and distribution program with Pro Prom in Mexico. In the last few weeks, Pro Prom has been executing a broad sales and distribution plan that will cover big box retailers, gyms, golf courses, gas stations, grocer markets and several sports clubs in Mexico.

The details

As per the licensing deal, a bottling firm has been finalized and both Pro Prom and High Performance Beverage are in the midst of completing non-disclosure and exclusivity contracts in order to begin production. Based on acquired commitments, Pro Prom intends to produce 340 million bottles so as to manufacture 2.8 million cases in its initial production run in this month.

Sales will be led by a strategic marketing plan that the company has already formulated. It will cover a direct sales force and also a visual and audio campaign, which includes television, radio, and several promotional marketing resources. The campaign will be enhanced through an organized social media outreach.

The plans

Pro Prom’s objective is to create brand awareness and name recognition for the High Performance Sports beverage. It intends to make it synonymous with established sports beverage brands like Gatorade, available in numerous Mexican regions.

As of now, Mexico ranks fourth in the world for beverage and soda consumption. The latest development creates an attractive opportunity for High Performance and its line of sports beverages to tap into the respective industry. The company boasts its first to market sports drink that hydrates, improves mental focus, and enhances performance with post recovery advantages.

As previously reported, the exclusive Licensing deal with Pro Prom is a 3-year deal. It comes with an automatic extension provision and has yearly licensing fee with added royalty fees depending on sales. The deal includes the development, production, marketing, sales and distribution of the High Performance line beverages in up to 20 nations located throughout South America, Mexico and Central America.

Toby McBride, the CEO of High Performance, said that they are extremely delighted and continue to be awestruck with the progress that has been achieved with the planning and execution of specific strategies.

Heritage Printing Technology Corp. (OTCMKTS:HAGE) Throws Light On 3-D Printing

Tom Graves, the President of Heritage Printing Technology Corp. (OTCMKTS:HAGE), said that the company’s recent transition to a publicly traded firm was a major breakthrough. There exists a big opportunity in the industry of 3-D printing.

The technology is straightforward, and it is a small evolutionary measure from spraying toner on paper to laying down layers of more substantial products. By allowing a machine to produce items of any shape, anytime and as needed, the technology is leading to a new era.

Discussing further on innovative technology, Graves said that they should target to bring in low-cost 3D printers in every home. In 2013, the worldwide 3-D printing market was seen at $2.3 billion and going forward, it is projected to reach over $8.5 billion by 2020. To take into that perspective, the smartphone market is projected to witness a 6% CAGR during the same period. Rick Smith added that with an increasing number of leaders across the globe, 3D printing will transition the way things are manufactured in this century.