Richard Bogan, the CEO of Axion Power International, Inc.(OTCMKTS:AXPW) was interviewed on National Public Radio, wherein he discussed on the usefulness and capabilities of Axion’s PbC® technology.

The details

Bogan’s interview summarized the prospective of PbC technology to transform the lead acid battery business. Among its prominent features, PbC provides quick recharge, the capability to function in a fractional state of charge, an extended cycle life and is almost 100% recyclable. The managed explained the difference between standard lead acid batteries and PbC batteries.

The test with the outdated lead acid battery is that it never acquires a chance to entirely recharge and ends up working in fractional state of charge. Lead acid batteries are formed of a series of positively and negatively charged lead plates. Commenting on PbC batteries, Bogan said that as a substitute to a negative lead plate, the latest batteries uses a galvanized carbon plate. It assists the battery perform better with a unfinished state of charge.

The highlights

The CEO of Axion said that the plates used are of the same shape and size as of the batteries used in standard lead acid batteries. This makes the new batteries compatible for apparatus in standing production facilities. It is a drop-in know-how for anywhere in the globe there is production for lead acid batteries.

Axion introduced their initial consumer-ready offerings earlier this year, which included an energy storage system and the Solar Light Kit. However, Bogan added that the firm does not intend to start mass production of batteries in near future. Being able to license products, for now, is the objective of the company. They will turn into a more of a royalty generating firm.

Earlier in May, Bogan went China to renew talks about the joint initiatives to commercialize PbC technology in the region. As mentioned in a letter to shareholders, they have recorded a whirlwind of activity. It’s thrilling to see pieces falling in place and the prospects for major advancements on the horizon. A couple of months ago, executives from China visited Axion’s facility in Pennsylvania.