SeanieMac International Ltd (OTCMKTS:BETS) is taking yet another step in its push to monetize its new online betting site, with the rollout of a feature that targets VIP bettors. The new upgrade in addition to last month upgrade will allow high net bettors to gain access to a wide array of payment options as well as promotions. Click HERE to read the entire research report now. Time to take notice now before its too late.

Targeting VIP Bettors

Having already carried out tests on a minor upgrade the company expects the full version to operate without any glitches once launched. The latest update according to chief executive officer, Shane O’ Driscoll is part of a bigger plan that seeks to target high net bettors that would go a long way in benefiting the company’s overall earnings.

“These are key parts of developing a new site and over the coming weeks we will continue to further develop and upgrade our site and strive to offer a unique experience,” said Mr. O’ Driscoll.

By bolstering users experience on the site, the company hopes to realize  turn over revenues of up to $50 Million before the end of the year. The company has already reiterated plans to grow its VIP customer base seen as a key component of growing revenues. It now awaits to be seen if the efforts will pay off heading into the end of the year after a stellar second quarter were the online betting company posted record revenues.

While news of a new upgrade on the betting site sought to ramp up support for the stock, the same was not the case. SeanieMac stock appears to have triggered a selling frenzy in Thursday trading session having crashed by 50% awaiting to see if it will bounce back from the current lows.

Century Casinos Acquires Apex Casino

Meanwhile, Century Casinos, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNTY) has completed the acquisition of Apex Casino in a deal valued at $12.3 million. The transaction should go a long way in bolstering the company’s footprint in the Edmonton Alberta area given that the acquisition comes with 382 slot machines as well as 11 table games.

Century Rights has already won the rights for the construction of a racetrack and Casino in the Edmonton area. The $50 million project is slated for opening in 2018.