Its long the market has heard anything from Vapor Corp (OTCMKTS:VPCO); in fact the last time the company came with a press release was back in August. In that PR, it reported the outcome of its Special Meeting of Shareholders. It stated that the shareholders have approved a modification to the firm’s Amended & Restated Certificate of Incorporation for increasing the count of authorized shares of the common stock from 5 billion shares to 750 billion. On August 4, 2016, the firm submitted a Certificate of Amendment, which will affect the Authorized Share count immediately.

The update

Prior to this update, VPR Brands LP (OTCMKTS:VPRB) reported the procurement of the wholesale operational assets of Vapor, effective as of July 2016. The acquiring firm will be consolidating its businesses and moving into the warehouse and office facility that sports the wholesale segment. It will be engaging the entire staff of Vapor Corp responsible for logistics and sales.

The bought business covers the websites and brand trademarks, wholesale customer and inventory accounts. The trademarks not only include Honey Stick, a superior open tank mod explicitly designed and planned to be utilized for essential oils a, but also includes Vaporin, VaporX brand and Hooka Stix brand. ‎All of these Vapor’s trademarks would be added to VPR Brands’ portfolio along with international brand‎ eliquid.

The deal between VPR and Vapor comes at a time when new regulations have started to being implemented in the market. Kevin Frija, VPR Brands CEO, said that this deal has come at one of the best times. He himself was actually responsible for showcasing these brands while he was associated with Vapor as the company’s CEO. With this new deal, he would be able to commence selling them again. Frija has been a sales-oriented CEO and now he looks forward to being able to revive these great brands and products under the new trademark.

VPR Brands will instantly begin a marketing push to extend its presence across the nation and allow customers to know about the latest deal. This will help customers get familiar with overall brands portfolio after the completion of regulatory process and beyond.