Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS), a U.S. firm specializing in the advancement of cannabis-based medicines, reported latest surveys in California vote ‘Yes’ to Proposition 64, indicating a substantial margin of almost 2:1 in favor.

Polling by UC Berkeley highlighted two-to-one backing for Proposition 64 passing in the state of California. Cannabis Science is taking all requires steps to move forward and expand their product line, expanding the product line for launch. The firm has shored up the organization to handle distribution competences to large customer base.

The highlights

As per the latest update, nine more states are looking to vote ‘Yes’ for legalizing cannabis for medicinal usage. However, voters in five states Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, California and Arizona will choose whether to completely legalize and standardize marijuana. These states would join Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado states that already permit utilizing pot for recreational use. Voters in another 4 states North Dakota, Arkansas, Florida and Montana will determine whether to approve pot for medical use. They would join the group of 25 states that have already approved medical marijuana.

The scope

How big would permitting marijuana be in the state of California is a big question? Well, to detail it, it is the most populated state in the U.S. Also, it is the sixth-largest economy of the world with a gross domestic product of nearly $2.5 trillion. Renowned tech entrepreneur and billionaire Richard Branson told cannabis advocates said that he was purely in the mood to take a spliff or two, and a big part of the globe is prepared to lawfully take some tokes, too.

Mr. Raymond Dabney, the President and CEO, of Cannabis Science, said that while no firm is perfect, it has to be repeatedly evaluated – what are firm’s objectives, and going forward how those objectives have to be accomplished. The drug programs are witnessing slow but steady climb. The company is on its way, designing FDA plans, introducing clinical study plans, boosting initiatives, and planning for product release programs.