mCig Inc (OTCMKTS:MCIG) updated stockholders on an industry changing contract that Scalable Solutions has finalized an exclusive deal with Sangreen International Agricultural Technology Co. It is a leading greenhouse manufacturer across the World. The exclusive deal will enable Scalable Solutions to purchase, offer and market Greenhouses for China’s pioneering manufacturer and global distributor of the comprehensive Cannabis market in the U.S.

The highlights

Greenhouse technology is “in demand” part of the Cannabis sector as they link to the urban farming and cannabis industries following their low cost structure and businesses. Presently, cultivators are forced to utilize high priced greenhouse producers, where firms are compensating a first-class based off of name acknowledgment from companies using the hot dipped galvanized steel from aluminum structures. Rather than compensate the premium on a U.S. name mark up, Sangreen and mCig subsidiary will evade the middleman while developing the premium, lower cost greenhouse that growers desire.

Ron Sassano of Scalable Solutions said that they feel that the exclusive deal with this globally established multinational greenhouse firm will be great for their industries bottom line as rates estimating for the Cannabis greenhouse market turns outdated.

The confidence that Sangreen has demonstrated in honoring mCig and its Scalable Solutions segment with this important deal, is a true testament to the extent they are seeing in the Cannabis construction cultivation industry. This deal puts the firm into a position to swiftly gain market share as Sangreen’s U.S. arm.

Paul Rosenberg, the CEO of mCig, said that they are extremely proud of Scalable division. It marks a first in Cannabis market to sign such a vital multinational deal with the premier manufacturer of Greenhouses across the world. The CEO added that they will be supporting this measure by developing three different offerings for the Cannabis market and dedicating resources to the achievement of this deal.

Greenhouses marks the hottest trend in the market with the two leading U.S. Greenhouse producers being associated with third.