PositiveID Corp (OTCMKTS:PSID) reported that its ‘Caregiver®’ non-contact, infrared thermometer surpassed industry lab standards for accuracy and recorded a high level of deal in a pediatric trial. Caregiver, which utilizes TouchFree™ technology, removes the need to take rectal or oral temperatures, and thus increasing ease of use and patient comfort.

The highlights

In a 1-year pediatric validation trial, temperature measurements were received with the Caregiver thermometer and an oral predictive thermometer. This validation trial shows a high level of arrangement between a standardized oral predictive device thermometer and the Caregiver, thus assuring reliable and accurate readings in adolescents and children age 0 to 18 years old.

Caregiver is marketed by PositiveID’s subsidiary, and is approved by FDA for clinical use. It comes in the list of professional grade, infrared thermometer for checking forehead temperature in children, infants and adults without contact. It offers an oral-equivalent temperature instantly from the forehead in just one to two seconds.

As there is no skin contact and the thermometer does not need probe cover supplies, it minimizes the threat of cross-contamination, which is a growing concern, and protects healthcare services the cost of covers, waste disposal costs and storage space. It is projected that Caregiver can give savings of $250 or more annually per device in review cover supplies alone.

William J. Caragol, the CEO and Chairman, said that Caregiver is an easier way to use compared to the most popular thermometry devices. Moreover, it has proven to be just as reliable and accurate. Their team believes that it also offers improved patient experience as it is completely non-invasive, which is especially vital in pediatric populations.

Data were collected in pediatrics (outpatient, hospital ward and sick baby room) and family medicine (clinic, hospital and home care) and divisions at China Medical University Hospital over a one-year period.

Yesterday, the stock price of PositiveID jumped more than 634% to close the day at $0.0125. The gains came at a share volume of 230.84 million compared to average share volume of 26.81 million.