Vape Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VAPE) could trade higher in the coming days even on pulling back on Friday as investors take note of the new ONYX product line. The provider of healthy, efficient and sustainable vaporization products says the new product is a culmination of commitment to using advanced technology to coming up with a better quality ceramic material.

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ONYX Product Line

The ONYX line is designed to offer low-temperature vaporizing experience with increased thermal shock resistance. Vape Holdings is also guaranteeing fracture toughness as well as long life span with the new product. The new ceramic material is currently in limited distribution in Hive Ceramics website according to CEO Benjamin Beaulieu

“We are staying ahead of the curve, and setting ourselves apart by releasing innovative products that will improve functionality and experience for everyone is vaporizing needs. Blending cutting-edge with a focus on uncompromising quality, we also keep an eye on the day’s style and customer want,” said CEO Beaulieu.

The release of the new ONYX product line follows positive feedback from customers as Vapor Holdings continues to set itself apart from the competition in the industry. Focus has always been on a non-porous design with the Chief Executive officer confirming that HIVE is already planning to come up with new Advanced Ceramic material. Distribution of the new ceramic material should begin early next year.

Cost Cutting Push

The unveiling of the new product comes on the heels of the company’s recent shareholder update that detailed what the company’s core objectives going forward. Cost cutting is a key consideration as Vapor Holdings looks to trim unnecessary expenditure in a bid of fueling operational breakeven. However, the same efforts are not in way, expected to affect the company’s efforts of coming up with new products such as the new ONYX product line.

Avoiding toxic expenses is a core objective as the company continues to work on its path to profitability. Vape Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VAPE) is also working on stabilizing its capital expenditure having paid the price on investments that have struggled to generate profits. The company is currently working on finishing its debt consolidation as well as managing the conversion of outstanding notes