eWELLNESS HEALTHCARE Corp (OTCMKTS:EWLL) becomes the first physical therapy telemedicine firm to provide insurance reimbursable actual distance monitored PT treatments. The firm is delighted to report that it successfully finalized its initial third party PT clinic for the application of PHZIO Tele- Rehabilitation Platform. This deal is with Back to Motion PT based in Denver Colorado. As per update, the firm has a considerable backlog of PT clinics who have shown a high interest in utilizing PHZIO platform.

The highlights

eWellness held its commercial release of its PHZIO system as a Tier I sponsor of the APTA, PPS Annual Conference conducted in Las Vegas in October 2016. Around 1,100 PT clinic owners and management participating in the PPS conference which is their preliminary universe of PT procedures to target as users of PHZIO SaaS treatment platform.

eWellness Healthcare business model is to offer its PHZIO platform to physical therapy clinics in the U.S. and or register large-scale employers’ application of PHZIO platform as a comprehensive PT monitored corporate wellness plan. PHZIO home physical therapy exercise system has been advanced to disrupt the $8 billion corporate wellness and $30 billion physical therapy industries. It re-defines the process using which physical therapy can be offered.

PHZIO is the real-time remote observed 1-to-many physical therapy base for home use. Following the real-time patient monitoring aspect, this system is insurance reimbursable by payers. SaaS technology platform offering for providers bundling employer wellness and rehabilitation services programs. It is a well advanced unique platform that provides ability to physical therapists for observing numerous patients concurrently in real-time. The platform helps to solves what has been stated as a structural limitation and issue in post-acute care practice growth. Also, the system enables PT practices to record increased revenues following higher compliance and adherence rates.

In the last trading session, the stock price of eWELLNESS HEALTHCARE jumped more than 146% to close at $0.0850. The gains came at a share volume of 6.44 million compared to average share volume of 2.43 million.