MJP International Ltd (OTCMKTS:MJPI) recently announced that it has “almost” taken over Human Energy Alliance Laboratories Corp. The company said that 80% of the shares issued by the latter have already been purchased, while the remaining 20% shall be considered later. Energy Alliance Labs Inc. is the subsidiary of Energy Alliance Laboratories Corp. and the acquisition has been done through former. MJP International has also appointed the CEO and CFO for the newly acquired company. Mr. Liao Zu Guo will serve the company in the said designations.

A deal for the future

Considering the rising demand of solar panels in the consumer market, the deal is considered to be a feather in the cap of MJP International. This deal will allow it to step a foot into the green market. Human Energy Alliance Laboratories Corp. offers a range of solutions pertaining to green energy and it does through the online market. With solar and wind installations as its USP, the company’s acquisition by MJP International is an important one. Through this deal, MJP International will also be able to extract benefit in the online market.

The MJP International COO, Christopher Hudson said that the deal will be company’s stepping stone for the green energy market, which has a bright future.

The bright road lies ahead for the solar energy market

The Solar Energy Industries Association recently also said that over the past 10 year’s duration, the yearly growth of this market has reached almost 60%. About 200,000 Americans are presently serving in this sector, which is expected to double by the end of 2020.

The cost of installing solar panels has also reduced, which is further increasing its demand. Its installation cost has dropped by over 70%. In 2016, the estimated installation of solar power panels was 14.5 gigawatts. Previous year, this figure was 7.5 gigawatts.

Reaching out to the online market through this deal is a fascinating thing for MJP International, which can take benefits of different working models of the market.