Crown Baus Capital Corp (OTCMKTS:CBCA), an international acquisition-based conglomerate, is seeking to aggressively cash on its major industry strengths. Raymond C. Dabney, the CEO and President, along with his team are busy working on an investment management prospect with Cannabis Science (OTCPINK:CBIS) for participation in its Nevada property and drug development assignment.

The CEO released updates in Drug Development industry, while updates related to other major industries will be released soon. The firm is actively looking for business opportunities in key industries; Drug Development, High-Tech Incubation Education, Financial Services and Entertainment & Media.

The details

Cannabis Science has considerable property development deals in Nevada and California to build licensed, state compliant industrial and medicinal cannabis/hemp production. The firm is splitting the investment prospects into one-acre parcels for different land development assignment. Objectives are to design a portfolio of partners, investors and supply chain production businesses throughout the U.S. that are at different stages of legislative development and use core competencies and strengths.

Each assignment is centered around grow measures and cannabinoid-based drug advancement programs targeting critical diseases. Each large-scale asset and drug development assignment is designed to create hundreds of jobs in the farming, construction, retail, education and medical industries.

Dabney is also the President, Co-Founder and CEO of Cannabis Science. He is looking to cover Crown Baus in the financial management of the Nevada assignment. The company has reported that it has started the build-out of its CBD drug advancement facility in Nevada.

Phase 1 of the build-out comprises almost 33,000 square feet of greenhouse area per one-acre plot. The Nevada land development contract has multiple deals in place with almost 15 more acres set to develop. Phase 1 for each one-acre establishment will cost almost $300,000 to $500,000 with full production capacity estimated at approximately 33,000 square feet.