In another example of the return of more normalized commerce and culture, B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG) just put out a fresh company communication announcing that tickets to its first B2 Fall Fighting Series event, Strikehard 55 MMA in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on August 29, 2020, are now officially SOLD OUT.

We have been wondering how consumers would respond once live event entertainment started to pick back up. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the US by many measures over the past decade, resonating with younger fans, including a huge and growing international following. So, the new B2 Fall Event season provides a pretty good read.

Note, the company did provide a link for those interested in watching its Strikehard 55 event through an online pay-per-view streaming platform (see here).

Mobilizing the Army

We would also note that the company recently set up a new system to boost PPV sales – the B2 Storefront strategy.

According to the release, “The Company also reports that its new B2 Social Media Storefronts platform is working smoothly and seeing strong interest, with a number of PPV sales already taking place through affiliates with B2 Storefronts accounts. B2 Storefronts is a seamless and convenient system the Company recently launched that allows fighters, fans, and followers to use their own social media networks and web resources to benefit from selling PPV tickets to B2 Events.”

This is an extremely interesting idea.

MMA has some of the most fervent hardcore fans of any sport – many of them with dreams of competing as well. B2 is smart to leverage that enthusiasm by mobilizing its fighters, fans, and followers to join in the effort to sell more tickets and expand overall viewership for its upcoming season of fighting events.

Big Catalysts Lined Up

In all, B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG) will be putting on 13 major events from now until mid-December across five states. All of the events will be covered by Prestosports, a premium Software-as-a-Service solutions provider catering to the sports industry. Prestosports operates StretchLive, a leading pay-per-view streaming platform that boasts HD stream quality up to 1080p, multiple screen layouts (including full screen), and market penetration that included hosting more than 100,000 events in 2019.

According to B2 materials, PrestoSports caters to several NCAA Division I programs and is already the official website and streaming provider of the NAIA, NJCAA and more than 100 athletic conferences.

In other words, B2’s events will be marketed by its fighters, fans, and followers, and covered by one of the top-tier PPV platforms on the planet.

“It’s terrific to see strong interest right out of the gates as we get set to kick off the Fall 2020 Fight season,” commented Greg P. Bell, Chairman & CEO of B2Digital. “It’s also very exciting to see such strong interest in B2 Storefronts. For anyone out there who’s interested in signing up and setting up your own storefront to start earning a commission on selling tickets to our upcoming events, it’s easier than you might think.”

Disruption Potential

The B2 Storefront concept is something that can truly act as a disruptive and revolutionary concept in the PPV sports space, and it deserves more of a spotlight. For any provider of mainstream live entertainment with a very enthusiastic following, this approach could yield big results.

The idea is really a form of affiliate marketing where key players can take home what amounts to a commission for using their own personal social media networks to help drive ticket sales.

The “storefront” idea is really just a unique identifying URL to record which affiliate should get credit for each sale, with the fans and followers acting as the affiliates.

If you are interested in helping B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG) sell more PPV tickets and making a little coin on the side for the effort, you can join in the fun by sending an email to with the subject line “I want my own B2 Storefront!”

According to the company’s most recent release, that will spur a process whereby you get a piece of the action to the extent you can put eyeballs on the fight.

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